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A one-man show or a 1,000-strong team, it doesn’t matter – we’re here to help you thrive. To build your business. To expand your networks. And most of all, to create a more connected community than ever before. Together.

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The Communities

The Bridge+ community is a place where we freely share and gain knowledge. Here, you can find insights from experts in their respective fields, and even join in the conversation! Whether it’s blockchain or sustainable growth, find and follow the channels you love, and it will appear on your feed.

Who Are We

Whether you are a curious individual, an enterprising start-up or a go-getting corporate, Bridge+ will redefine the way you work, play and connect.



Beyond the comfort and aesthetics, we set out to provide a working environment where members learn and grow with one another, together. Here at Bridge+, we provide an agile workplace solution for you to accelerate and innovate whenever and however you want to.

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We have a suite of common spaces built for your audience and business needs. Whether it is a pay-per-use or customised package, we optimise our resources so you get more bang for your buck.

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Our community is driven by trademark content and programmes that bring people from different backgrounds together. Join our events and meet like-minded professionals today!

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More than just a pretty space. We’re an ecosystem designed for collaboration. Whether you need a designated desk, a private office or an event venue – we’ve got just the space you need.

flexi desk
Flexible Working Spaces

Flexi Desk

India, Bengaluru

@ Ascendas Park Square Mall

Meeting Spaces


8 Pax
263 sqft

India, Bengaluru
@ Ascendas Park Square Mall


Services Credits

The Metro
Event Spaces

The Metro

75 Pax - Seated
100 Pax - Standing
2250 sqft

India, Bengaluru
L2 @ Ascendas Park Square Mall

Starting from



From happy hour to industry networking events, you’ll be sure to find something on Bridge+ that piques your interest. We hope you’ll come say hi to our vibrant community!

Food Truck festival

Food Truck Festival

15 Apr '19
4pm - 6pm IST
Organiser Internal ASB Food Truck festival

India, Bengaluru
@ Ascendas Park Square Mall

The Spam Artists Presents: Lights, Camera, and Explosions!

The Spam Artists Presents: Lights, Camera, and Explosions!

26 Apr '19
7pm SGT
Organiser Placeholder image

Singapore, Singapore Science Park
The Verge @ Ascent



29 Jun '19
30 Jun '19
9am - 6pm CST
Organiser Hackathon

China, Shanghai
The Metro @ Ascendas Innovation Place

Our Locations

We know that your workplace is more than just a space. It’s a frame of mind that affects your work and your life. That’s why our environments are designed to adapt to your needs, giving you the agile solutions you need to accelerate and innovate, whenever you need.

ascendas park square mall
Flexible Working Spaces

Ascendas Park Square Mall

Unit No. 02 to 15, 2nd Floor, Ascendas Park Square Mall, ITPB Main Rd, Whitefield, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560066

Flexible Working Spaces


2 Science Park Dr, #01-03, Singapore 118222

ascendas innovation place
Flexible Working Spaces

Ascendas Innovation Place

686 Jiujiang Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai 200001

ascendas plaza
Flexible Working Spaces

Ascendas Plaza

333, Tian Yao Qiao Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai 200030

ihub suzhou
Flexible Working Spaces

Ascendas iHub Suzhou

388, Block D, L1, Xinping Street, Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou 215123

hangzhou science and technology park
Flexible Working Spaces

Singapore Hangzhou Science & Technology Park

20 Science & Technology Park Road, Block 9, L1, Hangzhou Economic & Technological Development Area, Hangzhou 310018